Flat belts

Flat Belts

Flat belts provide reliable movement for goods and components in commercial and industrial conveyance systems, such as assembly lines. While conveyance systems may use a wide variety of surfaces or mediums to transport goods, flat belts have become a popular option for their versatility.

Flat belts feature a flat surface that will accommodate a variety of goods, a textured surface on the top and bottom for superior grip, and efficient transmission of power from the conveyor's rolling parts. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of flat belts, some of their most popular applications, and high-quality flat belt products from Megadyne.

Advantages of Flat Belts

There are several advantages offered by flat belts over alternative conveyor belts. Some of these include:

  • Efficiency. Conveyor systems can roll flat belts without relying on grooves or specialized channels. This allows for more efficient power transmission.

  • Durability. Flat belts are constructed from small cross-sections that bend and flex. The absence of grooves creates less opportunities for wear, so the belts and pulleys within the system have longer service lives.

  • Productivity. Flat belts can perform longer without maintenance or downtime, allowing for uninterrupted usage.

  • Safety. Flat belts generate less noise than other conveyance options. This lower noise level allows for easier factory floor communications and mitigates the long-term impact of noise pollution for employees.

  • Simplicity. Technicians and operators can easily install flat belts, further reducing downtime.

Applications of Flat Belts

As a two-pulley drive, flat belts feature a simple construction consisting of a driving pulley, a driven pulley, and the belt itself. Industrial operations widely use flat belts to help transport parts and finished goods throughout facilities. Flat belts provide an ideal solution for smaller pulley systems with large central distances. Some of the most popular applications for flat belts include:

  • Compressors

  • Conveyors

  • Machine tools

  • Industrial equipment

Megadyne's Flat Belt Products

At Megadyne, we offer an ideal flat belt product for any conveyance need. Two of our core products include:

  • Rubber Megaflat Flat Belt.  Available in knitted, unsupported, and woven options, these products are constructed from neoprene elastomers and make an excellent choice for conveying light objects, handling small parts, and providing light power transmission.

  • PU Megaflat Flat Belt. Our polyurethane PU Megaflat Flat Belt is available in knitted, woven, and unsupported structures. This light power transmission solution works well for paper products and other lightweight goods.

Both product options can be used in a wide range of commercial and residential applications. Our flat belts feature stable mechanical and chemical properties, ensuring durability and reliable performance. They also transmit power with low levels of vibration and noise. The textured, high-friction surface of both options ensures maximum grip during operations.

Contact Megadyne Today for the Best Flat Belts on the Market

Flat belts are a popular, reliable option for carrying goods across a defined path of motion. At Megadyne, we specialize in lightweight rubber and polyurethane flat belt options for commercial and residential use. Our company uses an ISO 14001 environmental management system and follows the quality management standards established by ISO 9001:2015. Contact us today to see how flat belt products from Megadyne can benefit your operation.


Megadyne Megaflat Rubber belts are available in unsupported, knitted and woven structures. Our knitted product offering includes belts that are both elastic...


Megadyne Megaflat PU Belts are available in unsupported, knitted and woven structures. Our knitted product offering includes belts that are both elastic and...