Timing belts Rubber endless Isoran SILVER


ISORAN SILVER belts have been developed to give a more powerful alternative to ISORAN RPP (up to 110% more).
This is an endless belt, with enhanced performance compound compared to the standard RPP.


The SILVER belt provides a powerful upgrade over the ISORAN RPP version while maintaining perfect interchangeability as a key factor.
The existing RPP systems can be upgraded without replacing the pulleys.

Main components

01 / BODY
The body is made from a high quality chloroprene compound, hardness 90 ShA.

02 / CORD
Fiberglass cords, S and Z twisted.

03 / COVER
A wear-resistant nylon fabric covers the teeth surface; a special impregnation process confers self-lubricant capability.

Timing belts Rubber endless Isoran SILVER

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • Self-lubricating surface
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Exceptional level of resistance to flex fatigue
  • Medium resistance to water, environmental agents and greases
  • Antistatic according to BS2050
  • SILVER belt working temperature:  -13°F/+176°F (-25°C/+80°C )


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